Easy Peasy! Log into your account through the online store, and check out the fulfillment status against your recent order. If the order has been fulfilled, click on the order information & you can find your tracking information there. 


As soon as your order has been fulfilled, you’ll receive a shipping confirmation email titled “Your order is on the way”. You will then be able to track your order through the tracking link on the email. If you haven’t received an email yet, not worry! We’re working on getting this to you ASAP.


We will always try to get your order to you in the most efficient and sustainable way possible. However, on occasions, there is a possibility that your order may come in MORE THAN ONE SHIPMENT due to stock availability and your items having to be picked from different places.

This means that your items WON’T NECESSARILY BE SHIPPED AT THE SAME TIME and you may receive an email advising that ‘Some items in your order are on the way. If this happens please don’t worry, the remainder of the items in your order will arrive shortly afterward.

This is completely normal and there is no need to contact our support team on this occasion. However, if you experience significant delays we will, of course, be there to help.

You can also keep an eye on the status of your orders by accessing your Gymshark account page. To access your account, click on the small country flag and select the store that you purchased. Make sure that you select the correct store as your login is unique to that store and won’t work on any others. If your order has been a split shipment, you will see the status of your order as ‘PARTIALLY FULFILLED‘.


What are the shipping times for your products?

Our products are handmade, which requires a delay of 48 to 72 hours before shipment. Once your package is shipped, a tracking number will be sent to you by email within a maximum of 5 working days after your order. You will be delivered within 5 to 7 working days. (Depending on periods, promotions, and transport service)

Is delivery free?

Shipping is free on all orders for a limited time.

I haven’t received all the items in my order, what’s going on?

Our products are shipped separately according to your order. If this contains, for example, articles from two different warehouses, there will therefore be two deliveries. The rest of the order will most certainly arrive shortly.

Do you ship all over the world?

Yes, absolutely. We ship worldwide for now.

I received a damaged item. What can I do?

We are sorry to hear this. Simply send us a message via the site’s contact form and we’ll send you a similar replacement item as soon as possible.

How do I request a return?

For any request for information, contact us on our support: info@belkiss.net
If you would like more information about returns please refer to our Returns Policy.


What payment methods are available?

We accept all major credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, AMEX) and PayPal payments. However, we do not accept cheques, money orders, or bank transfers.

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